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AC Tips and Tricks

As spring arrives this is the perfect time to do some basic maintenance to your home AC unit.  One of the most overlooked aspects is the air filter in your home.  Yes, the air Filter!!  The filter should be changed out at least once a month, but really who does that?  I think most of us change it when we walk by it, or look up at it and notice the dirt.  So more than any its usually change as needed.  Having a dirty air filter can reduce the economy of the unit dramatically.  How you ask?  Well for starters Read more…

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Term of The Day

HVAC Training Class Term of the Day!

Our Term of the Day:  (Split System)  Refers to an air conditioner or heat pump that has components in two locations. Usually, one part of the system is located inside (evaporator coil/air handler) and the other is located outside your home (condenser coil).

Lets explain this just a little further.  I remember the days (when I thought I knew it all and just starting out) and people would refer to a split system.  I really didnt understand this however, I acted as I did.  Its actually quite simple!  A split system refers to just exactly that “Split”….  The condenser (thats the unit outside your housez) is separate from the air handler located in your house.  The air handler can sometimes be located in a closet like area or in most cases in your attic thus known as a “Split System”.  What is it called when its not a spilt system?  A packaged unit!  Thats when your air handler, condenser and evaporator coil is all together as one “Packaged” Unit.

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Job Search

Hello All.  We have added a great resource for all here at HVAC Training Class. com 

Our Job Search Engine.  You can find it (Here) or under our HVAC Links Page.  It will provide you all the latest job postings in your area or areas for which you want to search.

Employers, you too can list your open jobs via our search box.  Just following the instructions for listing.

I hope you all find this valuable tool useful….  Please bookmark us!!

HVAC Training Class.Com Job Search

Find Great Local Jobs. Start Your Search Now!

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Todays HVAC Term

Today’s Term:

Thermoelectric Refrigeration:  A refrigerator mechanism which depends on the Peletier effect. Direct current flowing through and electrical junction between dissimilar metals that provides heating or a cooling effect depending on direction of the flow of current.

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Hello ALL…Another post here with the comments open and on!  I want to create this area to help all of us looking for work in the HVAC Field.  Whether you are looking for work or have a job opening please feel free to comment here.  If you want to leave your information secure send a quick email to us and we will make sure the contact information gets to the that indented person….


What you can expect to find.  HVAC Jobs include all kinds of different qualifications.  Here is a typical job description by an employer:

Operates, maintains, repairs, and installs refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, systems of various makes and models.  Operates, inspects, and adjusts equipment to test for proper functioning.  Troubleshoots equipment to locate the source of malfunctions or defects. 

 Repairs and modifies a variety of air conditioning equipment and systems for regulated climatic conditions

 Interprets electronic schematics, diagrams, and blueprints

 Traces and locates defects to determine the type and extent of repair needed

 Selects the proper tools and testing devices and accomplishes repairs according to accepted trade practices

 Conducts tours to insure proper operation of HVAC equipment on a regular basis.

 Performs Preventive Maintenance on all HVAC equipment

 Employs a basic knowledge of the principles and theories of the refrigeration cycle, temperature measurement, and the properties of several refrigerants including domestic air conditioning units and systems

 Employs a knowledge of the refrigeration cycle in a variety of systems to accomplish visual, aural, and mechanical checks for proper temperature of air conditioned spaces, operation of different units of the refrigeration cycle, proper oil levels, universal noises, overheated bearings, loose connections, faulty insulation, frayed or loosed belts, gaskets, pumps, and other similar defects

 Replaces major components such as cooling units, compressors, condensers, expansion valves, floats, valves, thermostats, and drive assemblies

 Services power sources, tightens connections, makes splices, insulates exposed wires, cleans and lubricates moving parts, and performs tests for proper operations

Repairs or replaces high-pressure piping

Prepares surfaces and paints exposed areas

Repairs and modifies a variety of heating equipment and systems

Employs a basic knowledge of the principles and theories of the heating cycle, temperature measurement

Replaces major components such as expansion valves, floats, valves, thermostats, and drive assemblies

Operates and controls electric motors, pumps, and valves

Drives vehicles as necessary to perform duties

Performs after hour, weekend and emergency call back services as required

Performs other duties as assigned or directed

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