AC Tips and Tricks

As spring arrives this is the perfect time to do some basic maintenance to your home AC unit.  One of the most overlooked aspects is the air filter in your home.  Yes, the air Filter!!  The filter should be changed out at least once a month, but really who does that?  I think most of us change it when we walk by it, or look up at it and notice the dirt.  So more than any its usually change as needed.  Having a dirty air filter can reduce the economy of the unit dramatically.  How you ask?  Well for starters It slows down the air flow!  It changes the evaporation rate in the evaporator, puts a more excessive bind on the fan motor and other electrical components.  I want to revisit the “Evaporation Rate” statement.  I once did a call on a home that explains this the only way I know how to explain.  The call was no AC.  The unit runs but not cooling.  Upon arrival to home the first thing I checked was to see if the unit was in deed running and it was.  I then checked the air filter and thus my call was done.  The filter was so filthy absolutely no air could pass over the evaporator coil and when I looked at it, well it was a total block of ice.  I disconnected power to the condenser but left power at the air handler.  I simply let the air handler run for about 45 min as the ice melted.  Once the ice melted I changed the filter, placed everything back in operation and the house cooled down nicely.  Now of course I went outside and threw some gauges on the unit to make sure it wasn’t low, and it wasn’t.  I did a follow up call about 4 days later and everything was in tip top shape.

Like I said, something as simple as an Air Filter can create havoc.  For us AC Guys, simple, fast, not hard and Easy Money…., For the consumer…. A very expensive lesson

So Change those Air Filters!!!!   Thanks for reading, find our Job Board and Look Around, or Purchase one of the suggested training books…. You will be glad you did!!!