HVAC Chat Topic

Recently I received a call from a buddy of mine asking for some AC help.  Of course he was in a panic because the temps outside were getting extremely warm Id say around the high 90’s.  Not to mention he has a 1 yr old that seems to get tempermental when things get a little hot.  Ok enough of the rambling intro.  The problem as he explained it was the air in house was blowing air but not cold.  He went outside and the unit was making a noise but the big fan wasnt running.  Could I help him?

Trying to trouble shoot over the phone is a little hard but it can be done.  What makes it harder is when you dont have the right tools in place like a Multimeter , ampmeter and a set of guages to check for proper voltage, amps, refrigerant etc.  I had to simply walk my friend through the process without those pieces of equipment.  The first thing I did was told him to turn off the AC from inside his house.  I then instructed him to go outside by the unit and disconnect the power cutoff breaker.  I first suspected a bad condenser fan motor for which could lead to this problem especially seeings how both the air handler and compressor was working but not the condensor fan.

See sometimes in the HVAC World things can be really difficult or really simple.  Fortunatley for us it was simple!  Prior to pulling off any access panels I had him look at the fan motor
and give it a good visual inspection.  I was wanting him to look for burn indications, burnt wires etc.  What he found, and for some unknown reason, a wire that had a wire nut had been disconnected.  I had him find a new wire nut, and tie the wires back but this time make sure that the proper electrical tape had been utilized and that all the other wires were nice and tight.  I then had him reconnect the breaker and turn the unit on in the house!

Guess What?  It still didnt work and without having a set of gauges we may be out of luck.  But then I remembered that he stated the compressor was running prior to us getting into the meat and potatoes of the problem.  I suspected that the thermostatic overload had done its job and therefore we waited for about 15 minutes.  I had him try out the unit after the time lapse and what do ya know?  Everything worked fine!

Sometimes things in the HVAC world can be so simple but yet so complicated.  Im glad it turned out to be that thermostatic overload.  Otherwise my buddy may have been out a few hundred dollars for a new compressor.