About Us


About Us

HVAC Training Class is a site designed to provide information that is relative to todays HVAC needs.  We are not an authorized training school nor do we claim to be however, we do compile our notes, pages and blogs from seasoned HVAC Techinicians with over 20 years expeience.  Our goal is to supply anyone who visits looking for information proper and accurate terminologies along with vital information so welcome to our About Us Page.

Our experience is taken from many years in the civilian and military communities. We are a combined effort to gather and disseminate information that is useful and benefits us all. We are constantly reviewing our site to bring you the latest and greatest information possible. As we venture into the 21st century we all should see great improvements and advances within our field from better controls of refrigerants to updated technology concerning controls, mediums and systems.

For new seekers this site explains the basics of heating, ventilation and air conditioning pointed in the direction to help better inform to see if a Career in HVAC is right for you.  We also target those already in the field to perhaps provide a refresher or increase the knowledge base.  We are not big and only do this as a hobby because we like to see people succeed. We welcome all suggestions and comments for this page and website. Please be patient as like I said, we are techs and not webmasters therefore some updates may be slow and others repetitive. However, our promise to you is to make sure you get the information needed.

You can find or contact information on our Contact Page if you need to drop us a line, provide some information or feedback.  Again we encourage feeback but not spam. Feedback will help us in the future to provide a better and concise website. Please refer our site to your friends and colleagues.  Networking between all us in this field is the most powerful tool all of us can use. Any trademark viloations is soley based on the good faith that we are providing basic information that is not proprietary to any person, corporation or business. Please indicate such if you wish to do so and aour webmaster will correct the problem asap.










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