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Recently I received a call from a buddy of mine asking for some AC help.  Of course he was in a panic because the temps outside were getting extremely warm Id say around the high 90’s.  Not to mention he has a 1 yr old that seems to get tempermental when things get a little hot.  Ok enough of the rambling intro.  The problem as he explained it was the air in house was blowing air but not cold.  He went outside and the unit was making a noise but the big fan wasnt running.  Could I help him? Read more…

Posted by admin - June 3, 2011 at 12:36 pm

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Cooling Tips

Heating and Cooling System Tips:

For commercial facilities, request an ACCA Manual N, and for home businesses request a Manual J, evaluation of your facility’s heating and cooling loads before purchasing any major heating or cooling system. By following these guidelines you will receive a system that is sized appropriately for your facility. Read more…

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