HVAC Parts

The fact that the at home do it yourself HVAC Parts search is becoming so popular is due to the rising cost of fees charged by the technician or the company for whom he or she represents. Units should have maintenance performed by a qualified technician however, as we all know that is not the case. So what type of HVAC Parts are available for the do it yourselfer. Well first and foremost the purchase of refrigerants is prohibited unless you are certified to do so. Unauthorized purchases can land you and the vendor in big time trouble with a fine. There are items that are available to the public like everyday homeowners and handymen.

HVAC Parts come in many different styles by many different manufactures. Some of the manufactures that offer parts online or in local supply stores for factory OEM replacement are Rheem, Trane, Carrier, Rudd, Goodman, Bryant, Lennox and more.

Some of the categories that you will find helpful while doing your search are:

Heat Pump Parts

Furnace Parts

Air Conditioning Parts

Electrical Motors

Gas Valves

Control Boards

Many suppliers will offer to assist you in the event you cannot find those parts needed. One of the biggest problematic areas when dealing with HVAC Parts is the proper nomenclature or name of the part. Again it is best to contact a supplier when in doubt. It is also not advisable to perform your own maintenance or part replacement. High 240 Volt power combined with normal everyday 115 volt power is throughout our systems and serious injury or death could happen if you are not careful or if you’re not trained.

Key Point

When searching for that right HVAC Part make sure you purchase only NEW and Unused parts. Used or refurbished parts are not acceptable. Remember you get what you pay for. Quality OEM parts should always be sought out and purchased. Many suppliers will remove the middleman in order to make their prices much more economical.

Common Parts Used

Motor Blower, Control Boards, Air Handler Parts, Blower Housing, Wheels, Fans, Electrical Capacitors, Compressors, Pumps, Defrost Controls, Electric Heat Strips, Coils and Evaporators, Fans, Relays, Flame Sensor, Fuse, Heat Exchanger, Humidifiers, Motors – Blowers, Pilot and Ignition, Reversing Valve, Thermocouples, Transformers, TXV and other special Items.

HVAC Parts are much more then replacement equipment. When searching for parts you can Portable AC Units for your home, Space Heaters and Accessories. Make sure that when you look for replacement parts your obtain the proper name, part number and manufacturer. As an example Carrier Parts will have Carrier product numbers as will Trane Parts and they are all specific for their make.


Insure that each part no matter from where purchased carries a warranty. Many of the manufactures will carry a warranty but please know that Labor is typically not covered only the HVAC Parts purchased are. The labor is almost always added so keep that in mind. Shipping fees can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer for which also depends on the supplier from whom you purchase the equipment from. Look for Genuine Trane, Genuine Carrier and Genuine York parts when making your search and purchase. You will be glad you did in the end. As a 100 percent safe method however, it’s always advisable to have a qualified technician research, install and test new parts.