Study Guide and Certification

There are many different materials that you can read, browse through or be told to buy. HVAC Training is much more then just hitting the books and using a HVAC Study Guide and Certification manual can help you tremendously and prepare you for the next level. There are many “Hands On” approaches that one will have to master before moving on with your certification. However, there are some guides, tech manuals and more that can help you advance in your career or perhaps help you decide that a Career in HVAC is in your best interest. Obtaining a certification can be one of the most profitable and rewarding decisions one can make even if you want to either own your business or perhaps just be the seasoned technician.

I can only provide to you some of the best selections to purchase in hopes you do not waist your time on other sites looking or trying to guess what is the best for you and your goals. You can find writings and technical manuals everywhere on the internet that can be very specific for what you are looking for and you can also just be spinning your wheels so to speak.  Please use due diligence when searching for the correct literature.  Pricing is various throughout and you should seek out honest and reliable vendors when making your purchase decision.

Below is a guide that I recommend. It starts off basic, easy to read and understand and covers all the basic areas. It’s reasonably priced at around $26.00 or so, a small investment that will either improve your curiosity or perhaps increase your knowledge base.

McGraw-Hill's HVAC Licensing Study Guide


 Of course there are many other books, training guides and certifcation manuals for which to choose but I would recommend starting off slow and take in the valuable information you can gain just through using simple, easy to read and understand text.   There are many different resources from which you can obtain a study guide and many other different areas within the web that will provide you actual HVAC Certification Classes. 

The search for HVAC Study Guide and Certification manuals can become very tasking but like I mentioned the rewards can be great and can provide you with some awesome insight to the career field and lead you to your certification.  Remember there are other qualifications also like the Clean Air Act Certification also known as the EPA Certification for technicians and of course manufacturer specific training for the many different makes and models.  Trane, Ruud, Carrier to name just a few.  Each will have their product specific training for which will allow you to carry the title of Certified Carrier technician and with the ever changing area of controls the field is demanding and very high tech.