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HVAC otherwise know as Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning is much more then just checking the temprature thermometer in someone’s house. Today’s HVAC Technicians are more skilled then ever embracing the newest technologies in equipment and refrigerants. HVAC Technicians also incorporate refrigeration systems that include small appliances like water fountains, commercial and industrial refrigerators and even ice machines. These are all areas for which technology has advanced not only the equipment but the HVAC training of it’s technicians.

There are many factors to keep in mind when deciding what career field to chose.  Like all the one you choose should be your niche or desire.  HVAC Training Classes can help you decide that path.  Other factors should be job satisfaction, location, pay and benefits.  There are however a few more qualifications you will have to gain in order to work on any refrigeration system as will be explained a little later and is an important factor in HVAC Training.

Hands On

Learning any trade is unique.  HVAC Training is very unique in that it incorporates many different aspects in different industry fields.  Gaining knowledge for the field is not only just class room time but also many hours in the journeyman field that helps you obtain hands-on HVAC training.  Hands-on-training is when you are partnered with a already established and qualified HVAC technician and depending on your industry you could be either working in commerical or industrial type setting.  While obtaining this HVAC training you will learn how to properly handle refrigerants, troubleshoot equipment which is not only mechanical but electrical also like acuators, contactors, capacitors and relays to name a few.  HVAC Training is very in-depth but very rewarding.

After completing courses for your qualifications and earning your journeymans certifications you will have a broader knowledge of the systems and you will be ready to go solo so to speak.  To obtain your final certifications you will be tasked not only to show your compentancy in HVAC trainings but also be required to obtain a certification for the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency for handling refrigerants which is now incorporated in official HVAC Training.

The Market Place (Employment)

HVAC Training can provide you with many opportunities to fulfill a success and quite possibly a lucrative career.  The field is very wide in terms of opportunities and fields of expertise.  There will always be a need for HVAC Technicians and your HVAC Training can help you obtain and fill those needs.  Lets look at some employment figures as far as pay goes because along with your HVAC Training pay is the main factor right?

I based my research in two ways.  First is the average entry level journeyman or HVAC assistant with 1-2 years of experience based in the south for general regional conception however as with anything where you live will depend on your pay scale and again this is just a general type report although I do feel its at the BOTTOM of the barrel so to speak meaning this should be the least amount.  It only gets better! So the question remains, How Much Do HVAC Techs Make?

-HVAC Service Tech Assistant / Journeyman

Years Experience:  1-2yrs

Hourly Wage Band:  $10.00 – $12.00 Per Hour

Average:  $11.50

Secondly, my research will now show the same scenario however, the HVAC Training is now complete with a Type I EPA Certification and 4 years of experience.

-HVAC Technician

Years Experience:  4yrs

Hourly Wage Band:  $12.50 – $23.00 Per Hour

Average:  $16.99

Again that’s with just 4 years of experience with just normal and typical qualifications.  More qualifications, more technical within the field will mean more of an hourly Wage and that’s just the beginning of what HVAC Training can do for you…. Again when proposing the question How much do HVAC Techs make, insure you keep in mind your regional area, the demand for certain types of climate control such as heat, air conditioning etc.

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