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HVAC Training Class Term of the Day!

Our Term of the Day:  (Split System)  Refers to an air conditioner or heat pump that has components in two locations. Usually, one part of the system is located inside (evaporator coil/air handler) and the other is located outside your home (condenser coil).

Lets explain this just a little further.  I remember the days (when I thought I knew it all and just starting out) and people would refer to a split system.  I really didnt understand this however, I acted as I did.  Its actually quite simple!  A split system refers to just exactly that “Split”….  The condenser (thats the unit outside your housez) is separate from the air handler located in your house.  The air handler can sometimes be located in a closet like area or in most cases in your attic thus known as a “Split System”.  What is it called when its not a spilt system?  A packaged unit!  Thats when your air handler, condenser and evaporator coil is all together as one “Packaged” Unit.

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Todays HVAC Term

Today’s Term:

Thermoelectric Refrigeration:  A refrigerator mechanism which depends on the Peletier effect. Direct current flowing through and electrical junction between dissimilar metals that provides heating or a cooling effect depending on direction of the flow of current.

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